There are many pantheons that one can align with and in my spiritual travels
I have come home to the pantheon that is nearest to my heart, that of . . .

~ Sophia ~ Mary ~ Mary Magdalene ~

May you find comfort and peace with your Divine Feminine.

Gracious Goddess, Lady of Life,
Whose garment is the shining heavens.
You are the white Moon among the stars
And the beauty of the green Earth.
You are the Oneness of all things
And the completion of the spirit.
You are the mystery of that which we seek,
If we find not within,
We will never find it without.
For You have been here since the beginning,
And You are that which is attained at the end of desire.
Blessed Be.

(Maiden – recite on each white bead)

Maiden of freedom,
You are the eternal virgin,
The Holy Bride of nature,
And the revealing light within the shadows.
Through You, all that is good comes to birth.

(Mother – recite on each red bead)

Mother of compassion,
Forever fertile,
Lady of the forge,
You are the creating force of love
And the strength which nourishes all that lives.
Through you the cause of life is served.

(Crone – recite on each black bead)

Crone of Wisdom,
Ancient One,
Keeper of the Cauldron,
You stand at the gates between the worlds
And carry the shining sickle of death.
Without You nothing can be transformed.

(Gather beads in hands)

Oh Holy and Blessed Lady,
Perpetual comfort of humankind
And all other creatures,
Who by Your bounty and grace sustains the whole world.
You bear great compassion to the troubles of the miserable
As a loving Mother would.
You are the natural Mother of all things.
Mistress and Governess of all the Elements,
First of the God celestial,
Light of the Goddesses,
By the power and will of She that is Three,
Blessed Be!

Great Goddess, Lady of Life, Three that are One.
You are everything to me.
The Earth under my feet,
The Air that I breathe,
The Water that purifies me,
And the Fire that illuminates my path.
Gracious Goddess, I look within and I see your light shining!
Blessed Be!